Jukes is what you’d call me if you were a heavily-accented mathematics professor. If you’re one of my buddies, it’s the name you’d use to try and coerce me into doing something that most likely ends with me being slapped or set on fire.

Here on the web Jukes is my design alter-ego. And even though I now consider you and I to be best buds (thanks for finding my site!), please try your best not to dare me into anything more than an eye-catching logo or a silky-smooth website. The results will be so much better.

Let’s talk about me. Fun.

I’m a freelance Graphic Designer living in beautiful Seattle, Washington. I’m originally from Wisconsin so I’m obligated to jump into your conversation if I hear the word cheese, Packers, or Badgers.

I like to learn. I like to think. I like playing vids and guitar. I like a well-kerned logotype. I like thunderous high-fives. Most of all, I like you.

What I do.

I try my hardest to make cool things.

Between identity design and web design I do what it takes to create something that is not only visually interesting, but something that communicates the right message.

I take a very personal approach to each project and use every spare drop of brain-juice in the process. (I’m also ridiculously affordable.)

I hand-code valid HTML and CSS and have a strong working knowledge of PHP, jQuery, and AJAX. I design and develop custom themes for the Content Management System, WordPress.